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Re: release-critical bug statistics (was: Debian Project News 2010/05 frozen, please review and translate)

[ dropping debian-release; just wanted to give them a chance to comment;
  no need to discuss gramar / style, as long as the content is okay ]


I finaly found the time to relook at it.  Many thanks for the reviews so

* francis southern <francis.southern@gmail.com> [100716 16:56]:

> > http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews/RC-Stats.
> I think that the title "Interpreting the numbers of the release
> critical bug statistics" could possibly be simplified to "Interpreting
> the release critical bug statistics".

You're right.  Changed.

> Both Sid and Squeeze are used in their uncapitalised form a few times.
> "Here is a small tabular" should be "Here is a small table".
> I think "take off the purple classes" should read "rose-tinted
> glasses"(or even spectacles)?
> I assume "release mangers" are actually "release managers". :)

That has already been fixed and applied by others.  Many thanks.

> I have to confess I don't  know what a "britney" is in this context,
> but should it be capitalised?

To give some more context:  "britney" used to be the script, responsible
for migrating packages from Debian's unstable branch to the testing
branch.  I say "used to", because it's today called "dak" (Debian
archive kit), which does far more than what has been done by "britney".
However, the term "britney" / "next britney run" remains existing, as it
was that way for... over 10 years I think.

As the unofficial bts still used the term "britney" it should remain
there, too.  I tried to solve the problem, by setting it italic and
giving a longer explanation.

Best Regards,

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