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[RFR] templates://phpbb3/{phpbb3.templates}


I asked for a review two months ago, but we (well, mostly Jean-Marc who
co-maintain the package actually) add some debconf questions.

Please find attached the current templates (that shouldn't evolved until
Squeeze is released), and last Jean-Marc thoughts about them:

1) There's always small stuff like sometimes we say

  user "admin"

then later we say

  the admin user

Maybe one should choose one and stay with it.

2) "password and its confirmation do not match" -> "do not" or "did not"?

3) "Should the phpBB admin password be set or reset now?"

"set or reset" -> maybe there is a shorter formulation for that.

Thanks in advance



Template: phpbb3/httpd
Type: multiselect
Choices: ${choices}
Default: apache2
_Description: Web server to configure automatically:
 Please select any web server that should be configured automatically
 for phpBB.

Template: phpbb3/admin-pass-ask
Type: boolean
_Description: Should the phpBB admin password be set or reset now?

Template: phpbb3/admin-pass
Type: password
_Description: Password for phpBB admin:
 Please provide a password for phpBB user "admin".
 The password must be at least 6 characters long.
 The password must not be 'admin'.
 If left blank, a random password will be generated.

Template: phpbb3/admin-pass-confirm
Type: password
_Description: Password confirmation:
 Please confirm the password for phpBB user "admin".

Template: phpbb3/admin-pass-mismatch
Type: error
_Description: Password mismatch
 The password and its confirmation do not match.

Template: phpbb3/admin-pass-generated
Type: note
_Description: Generation of random password
 The following random password has been installed for the admin user:
 Make sure you remember it, as it will not be stored in cleartext.

Template: phpbb3/admin-pass-requirements
Type: error
_Description: Password complexity requirements
 The password must be at least 6 characters long.

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