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Re: [LCFC] templates://linux-2.6/{linux-base.templates,templates/temp.image.plain/templates}

Quoting maximilian attems (max@stro.at):

> > + which will work with both old and new kernel versions.
> > + .
> > + The system configuration can be updated automatically in most cases.
> > + Please choose whether you want this action to be performed.
> sorry to jump in late, but this added phrase might be a misguide.
> we already had a report of a non booting box by a user,
> who choose not to perform the proposed action.
> it came to surprise to him that he had to edit himself
> fstab boot loader and so on..

From what you write, it seems that we then need to add something to
say more firmly that users *really* should let this action be perfomed
or be prepared to have serious trouble at next reboot.

Something like:

 The new Linux kernel version provides different drivers for some
 PATA (IDE) controllers. The names of some hard disk, CD-ROM, and
 tape devices may change.
 It is now recommended to identify disk devices in configuration files
 by label or UUID (unique identifier) rather than by device name,
 which will work with both old and new kernel versions.
 If you choose to not update the system configuration automatically,
 you must update device IDs yourself before the next system reboot
 or the system may become unbootable.

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