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Re: [ITR] templates://netams/{netams.templates,netams-web.templates}

Hello, Christian.

On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 14:36:02 +0100
Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

> Dear Debian maintainer,
> The Debian internationalisation team and the Debian English
> localisation team will soon begin the review of the debconf
> templates used in netams.
> This review takes place for all packages that use debconf to interact
> with users and its aims are:
> - to improve the use of English in all debconf templates;
> - to make the wording of debconf templates more consistent;
> - to encourage more translations of templates.
> Even if your first language is English, this process is likely to help
> track down typos or errors, and improve consistency between the
> debconf templates of your package and that of other packages in the
> distribution.
> The process involves both debian-l10n-english contributors and
> Debian translators.
> The details of the process are given in
> http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/SmithDebconfReviewProcess.
> I will act as the coordinator of this activity for netams.
> The first step of the process is to review the debconf source
> template file(s) of netams. This review will start on Saturday,
> January 02, 2010, or as soon as you acknowledge this mail with an
> agreement for us to carry out this process.

Sure. Feel free to prepare a patch or even NMU.

Best regards,
 Alexander GQ Gerasiov

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