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Re: [Debian-ha-maintainers] [RFR] templates://redhat-cluster/{cman.templates}

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 06:29:55PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Guido Günther (agx@sigxcpu.org):
> > I've applied the patch to git now:
> > 	http://git.debian.org/?p=debian-ha/redhat-cluster.git;a=commit;h=6c11f5402f66d79a7ab94ddd3ff2632bc743809f
> > Thanks a lot!
> There will be a final bug report anyway (after a final call for
> comments). It will be followed by a call for translations and
> translation updates.
I've adjusted the debconf note in git. I'd be great if you could wait a
couple of days until the new package gets uploaded. This way we won't
end up adding already outdated translations.
 -- Guido

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