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Re: request for review: lbzip2

ERSEK Laszlo wrote:
> Short desc: parallel (multi-threaded) bzip2 compressor/decompressor
> Long desc:
>   For users having a multi-core computer, lbzip2 is arguably the fastest
>   bzip2 decompressor for most bz2 files downloaded from the internet. (On
>   dual-core computers, the 7za utility from the p7zip-full package may prove
>   more efficient.)
>   lbzip2 nicely integrates with GNU tar. Even on single core computers,
>   lbzip2 can speed up archiving in combination with tar, because lbzip2
>   allows compression to overlap with disk usage to a greater extent than
>   bzip2 does.

That looks like more or less exactly what I was asking for.

Of course I'm still going to nitpick.  You could make it:

    lbzip2 integrates nicely with GNU tar. Even on single-core computers,
           (  word order   )                             ^
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