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Re: request for review: lbzip2

On Tue, 6 Oct 2009, Ben Finney wrote:

  "It isn't restricted to regular files on input, nor output."

This might be better put in (brief, please!) terms of what its
capability is. Perhaps:

   It can operate on streams (stdin and stdout) as well as files.

This exact formulation is beside the point, as stdin and stdout can be
perfectly redirected from regular files (and lseek() will work on them).


Okay, how about we scrap the whole description and go with this:

Package name: lbzip2

Short desc: parallel (multi-threaded) bzip2 compressor/decompressor

Long desc:

  For users having a multi-core computer, lbzip2 is arguably the fastest
  bzip2 decompressor for most bz2 files downloaded from the internet. (On
  dual-core computers, the 7za utility from the p7zip-full package may prove
  more efficient.)

  lbzip2 nicely integrates with GNU tar. Even on single core computers,
  lbzip2 can speed up archiving in combination with tar, because lbzip2
  allows compression to overlap with disk usage to a greater extent than
  bzip2 does.

What do you think?


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