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Re: [RFR] templates://crm114/{crm114.templates}

Quoting Milan Zamazal (pdm@zamazal.org):

> I've got no reasons to doubt about crm114 upstream claims about high
> accuracy and fast learning, my experience confirms it.  Last time I used
> both bogofilter and crm114, crm114 has indeed learned much faster and
> provided better accuracy.  This doesn't mean other classifiers are bad
> (I'd install bogofilter instead of crm114 on an end user machine), but
> crm114 is better in some areas and this should be announced in the
> package description.

Whether or not the tool is accurate or "good" should not go in the
package description, still.

I also have no doubt about crm114 qualities (I'm one of its users, you
know that)....but, still, package descriptions are meant to be as
neutral and factual as possible about the package qualities.

One of the most discouraged bahavior is indeed comparison with
another similar software....not only, indeed, because this is
advertising, but also because that may change over time (and package
descriptions nearly never change over time).

I'd recommend explaining (briefly) *what* makes the software
good....more than just say it is good..:-)

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