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Re: [RFR] templates://crm114/{crm114.templates}

>>>>> "JBR" == Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> writes:

    JBR> Fair enough; so "versatile classifying system for e-mail and
    JBR> other data", or possibly "versatile classifier for e-mail and
    JBR> other data"?

Yes, the second one sounds well.

    JBR> Surely nobody would set out to choose an inaccurate,
    JBR> slow-learning spamfilter, 

Why do you think so?

    JBR> Does CRM114 have disadvantages - like being harder to set up,
    JBR> slower processing individual messages, more resource-heavy?  Or
    JBR> is it unjustly overlooked?

AFAIK bogofilter is widely known and commonly supported in end user
tools, while crm114 is not and it is harder to set up and maintain.
This is enough to make bogofilter much more popular.

I've got no reasons to doubt about crm114 upstream claims about high
accuracy and fast learning, my experience confirms it.  Last time I used
both bogofilter and crm114, crm114 has indeed learned much faster and
provided better accuracy.  This doesn't mean other classifiers are bad
(I'd install bogofilter instead of crm114 on an end user machine), but
crm114 is better in some areas and this should be announced in the
package description.

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