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Re: Bug#452388: Back on "'standard system' is confusing" bug report

Quoting Justin B Rye (jbr@edlug.org.uk):

> However, I worry that this will encourage CLI-phobic users to
> uncheck the Standard task.  It's not for console-only systems; after
> all, I'm using mutt right now in my window manager.  It's a basic
> "neutral" user environment, including apt, exim4, perl, python, and
> so on, just not X - the only time I would leave it out is on a
> bare-bones server with no users.  Perhaps it should say something
> more like: 
>   This task sets up a basic user environment, providing a reasonably
>   small selection of services and tools usable on the command line.

Point taken. I like your rephrasing. It has been as of now the best
proposal we've seen.

> Or if the idea is that GNOME users _don't_ need it, it needs a name
> change to, say, "Traditional" or "Command Line User Environment".  A
> name change might be appropriate anyway, given that tasksel's
> "Standard task" includes the whole of "Priority: required" and
> "Priority: important", not just "Priority: standard".

I would consider this a little bit out of scope...unless a good
proposal comes up for the synopsis and name of the task.

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