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Re: [Pkg-freevo-maint] Bug#534415: [BTS#534415] templates://freevo/{freevo.templates}

Justin B Rye ha scritto:
[thanks for the explanation
I'm having trouble avoiding overuse of "use" as usual.  Hang on,
let's see if it's any easier the other way around:

yeah that was another point I noted but I forgot to mention

 Freevo is a complete home theater framework. It can operate as a
 Personal Video Recorder system for saving television input to disk, but
 can also browse and play pictures, music, games, and movies either from
 the hard disk or from CDs and DVDs. Freevo can be used to build a
 dedicated home theater system with a TV (plus remote), or can simply be
 run on a regular desktop computer with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

How's that?

Approved . I will upload a new package in minutes.


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