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Re: [Pkg-ia32-libs-maintainers] Please consider interacting with translators when introducing/modifying new debconf templates

Quoting Goswin von Brederlow (goswin-v-b@web.de):

> > In such case, I'd suggest to avoid marking the debconf templates for
> > translation when introducing them...but, anyway, now it's done.... so,
> How did I do that? By running po-debconf or by using _? Lintian told
> me to do that.

Not using "_" before "Description". Of course, lintian will warn you
about this.....but that would be an exception for the time you settle
the debconf stuff.

If you think that a template will go away soon, then of course the
best is to not mark it for translation. If you just think its wording
might change (for instance by adding a new choice or somethign like
this), then going through the review phase does not hurt.

> > wouldn't it be good to "fix" the templates for the few very obvious
> > things we could:
> >
> > - avoid interrogative form in synopsis for ia32-apt-get/allowed-packages
> > - shorten the enumeration in that template to avoid multi-paragraph
> >   that wastes space
> Suggestions what to remove?

Not necessarily remove but not using a paragraph for each list item
already makes things much shorter.

Also see Justin's suggestions whch are always very clever.


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