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Template into which the synopsis should fit (was: Request for review of a new package's description)

This is no longer anything to do with the specific package under
question; I have no more to add to Justin's comments on that topic.

Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> writes:

> As a rule of thumb, [the package synopsis] should be something that
> fits into the template
>  the package $PACKAGE provides (a/the) $SYNOPSIS

Two points on this.

When did you start using “provides” (instead of “is”) in this template?
I think it's an improvement, but it's the first time I recall seeing it.

We need a name for this putative template. The synopsis should, we
assert, fit into this template, but what do we *call* that template for
ease of discussing it with others?

“The template into which the synopsis should fit” is the kind of
roundabout language up with which I will not put :-)

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