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Re: for human consumption (Was: Re: [RFR] templates://nis/{templates})

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 10:35:58AM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:

> The revised template looks good; in the control file:

> >  Conflicts: netstd (<=1.26)

> Drop this; even my Rex CD has netstd 2.07-1!

OTOH it does not harm.

> > +Description: clients and daemons for Network Information Services (NIS)
> > 
> > Drop leading capital per DevRef recommendations.
> > 
> > Drop "the": there is not only one "Network Information Services"

> As a matter of fact all the other sources I can find say that NIS
> stands for "(the) Network Information Service" (singular).  And do
> we need a "(NIS)" at the end when the packagename is "nis"?

>    Description: clients and daemons for the Network Information Service

It helps when searching to have the abbreviation in the plain text -
most searches will also match on the package name but not all.

> +_Description: NIS domain:
> + Please choose the NIS domain name for this system. If you want this

domainname is a technical term in NIS and should be kept as-is.

> + machine to just be a client, you should enter the name of the
> + existing NIS domain.

The domain may not yet exist.  Should be something like "the NIS domain
you wish to join".

> + .
> + Alternatively, if this machine is planned to be a NIS server, you can

s/planned //

> + either enter a new NIS domain name (which will create that domain) or
> + the name of an existing NIS domain.

No, it won't - additional configuration is required to do that.

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