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Re: Item lists bulletting (was: Re: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions)

Quoting Lars Wirzenius (liw@liw.fi):
> to, 2009-04-16 kello 08:42 +0200, Christian Perrier kirjoitti:
> > I have never been able to find any such solid reference for English.
> > There is probably something in the Chicago Manual of Style, that's
> > generally accepted as the Right Reference for en_US.
> > 
> > Maybe more input from our experts on debian-l10n-english?
> I'm not an expert, but I have the 14th edition of the CMS. It says both
> bullets and dashes are acceptable (8.77, page 314, for reference).

Well, based on that discussion, these facts and the current practice,
I think that, in Smith reviews, we will, from now, recommend the use
of asterisks for 1st level items in item lists, in package
descriptions and debconf templates (these are the texts we review).

Please note that this is not *enforcing* things on maintainers. All
Smith reviews are suggestions made to maintainers and they are
associated to the whole discussion/review. When maintainers insist on
some practice (or even spelling|wording) we always follow their advice
at the end....even for mainainers who insist on using first person
sentences (hint hint).

The same will happen for item lists.

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