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Re: [LCFC2] templates://nut/{nut.templates}

Quoting Arnaud Quette (aquette.dev@gmail.com):

> I'll start preparing nut 2.4.1-3 including the reworked templates/control
> files, along with NEWS.Debian.
> I also have a few more changes, perhaps for -4, so that I can call for new
> translations in the meantime.

Hmmm, that conflicts with the usual process I'm generally using.

I first suggest you wait for the bug report with final version of
templates and control file. That's fairly formal but more
straightforward for me.

Then, once you confirm that what's in the BTS is OK, I generally issue
the call for translation myself and I synchronize the incoming
translations (checking PO files, etc): all of them will indeed come as
bug reports....but I'll anyway send a final summary at the end of the
translation update round.

That process fits very well with the translators process, which is why
I prefer using it.

That doesn't really prevent you to upload a -3 version with modified
files, of course.

FOr -4, if you have *templates* translations planned, then it would be
better if they're integrated already in the review, of course, so that
the call for translations is issued on these "final" templates.

Would that fit for you ?

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