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Re: [RFR] templates://nut/{nut.templates}

Dear i10n team,

a first word to thank you for your excellent and important work!

a 2nd one to have in mind for the Desc field, since I haven't had time to work on this specific point:
prior to 2.4, NUT was only support UPSs. As of 2.4, it also supports PDUs (either through the nut-snmp package or nut-powerman-pdu). You might want to integrate that point.

A last one for the spelling case of NUT: please use Network UPS Tools with capitalised first letter.

2009/3/7 Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk>
Christian Perrier wrote:
> Your review should be sent as an answer to this mail.

>  Template: nut/major_upstream_changes
> +Type: error
> +_Description: Configuration files changes required
> + Because of numerous changes by upstream authors to nut's behaviour
> + and configuration files handling, it is required to modify the
> + /etc/nut/nut.conf file before nut can be restarted.

  _Description: Configuration changes required
   Because of numerous changes by upstream authors to NUT's behavior and
   configuration file handling, /etc/nut/nut.conf must be modified before
   NUT can be restarted.

>   Please read /usr/share/doc/nut/UPGRADING.gz for the upgrading procedure.

(This is outside d-l-e jurisdiction, but shouldn't it be somewhere
that apt-listchanges will see?)

note that it's also referenced in README.Debian.
This file list the major UPGRADING issues, like driver renaming / replacement, configuration changes, ...

Control file:
> -Description: The core system of the nut - Network UPS Tools
> - nut is a client/server uninterruptible power supply (UPS) monitoring system
> - that permits the sharing of one (or more) UPS between several machines. The
> - 'server' monitors the UPS and notifies the 'clients' when the UPS is on
> +Description: network UPS tools - core system
> Standardize on the most common format for package synopsis with
> repetitive parts.
> + NUT is a client/server uninterruptible power supply (UPS) monitoring system
> + that permits sharing one (or more) UPS between several machines. The
> + server monitors the UPS and notifies its clients when the UPS is on
>   or has a low battery.

There's no good way of pluralising "UPS"; the trick I'd recommend is
to use "hardware" (where the problem is in the other direction):

we generally use UPSs (as for PDUs)
   NUT is a client/server monitoring system that allows computers to share
   uninterruptible power supply (UPS) hardware. The server monitors the UPS
   and notifies its clients when the UPS is on or has a low battery.

>  Package: nut-cgi
>  Recommends: apache | httpd

(Surely httpd-cgi?)

? not sure to understand your remark here.

> + This package provides a web interface for Network UPS Tools. It adds
> + an HTTP interface to the core nut system so that one is able to monitor
>   the core system with a web browser.

No need to say both "web interface" and "HTTP interface" (and then
explain it) here when the synopsis already has "web interface".

   This package provides an HTTP interface for Network UPS Tools which makes
   it possible to monitor the core NUT system with a web browser.

>  Package: nut-snmp
> + This package provides snmp-ups, the Meta SNMP UPS Driver, which supports
>   different MIBS (IETF, MGE, APC) for Network UPS Tools. It adds an SNMP
> + Manager interface to the core system.

What if anything is Meta SNMP?  It's another of those phrases that's all
over Google but only because of these package descriptions.  Rehouse the
jargon ousted from the synopsis instead.

that wording goes back a bunch of years ago when I've developed the various generic (Meta) drivers for USB, SNMP and so on.

   This package provides snmp-ups, the SNMP multi-MIB driver for UPS, which
   supports various MIBs including IETF, MGE, and APC. It adds an SNMP
   Manager interface to the core NUT system.

The docs say it also supports a couple of other MIBs (not MIBS), so
I've made the list clearly nonexhaustive.

yep, currently 8 MIBs are supported, but some more are underway and the adding being very easy, many more can be added in the future.
>  Package: nut-hal-drivers
> + This package provides addons for the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) that
> + allow desktop environments to monitor locally-connected UPS equipments. The
>   HAL drivers cannot be used at the same time as the normal NUT upsd.

(Equipment's like hardware.)

>  Package: nut-xml
> + This package provides netxml-ups, which support all recent MGE models which
                                                 ^s                      that
>   use a Network Management Card or Proxy (MGE XML/HTTP protocol based). This
> + applies to both MGE Office Protection Systems and to MGE UPS SYSTEMS.
                                                     XX         Systems.

"HTTP protocol" seems redundant, but presumably this is MGE-specific.

yep, this is really XML/HTTP that is targeted by the term protocol.
and yes, it's still MGE (Eaton now) specific. But the driver in this package (netxml-ups) has been made generic, as for the USB and SNMP ones, so that we can add other possible manufacturers...

>  Package: nut-powerman-pdu
> + This package provides powerman-pdu, which support client communication with the
>   PowerMan daemon to provide Power Distribution Units support.

Uses "support" and "provide" twice each.

   This package provides powerman-pdu, which allows NUT clients to communicate
   with the PowerMan daemon to support Power Distribution Units.

>  Package: libupsclient1
> +Description: network UPS tools - Client library

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Network UPS Tools (NUT) Project Leader - http://www.networkupstools.org/
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