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Re: [RFR] templates://postgrey/{postgrey.templates}


Thanks to Christian for taking this up.

On Friday 06 March 2009 07:48:46 Christian Perrier wrote:

> + Postgrey is now listening to port 10023 and not 60000. That will

It was also suggested to me that processes listen "on" ports and not "to".  
Haven't looked at other sources, though, so I'll just apply the patches at 
the end of the review process.

> + bring the software behavior closer to the default upstream settings.
> + .
> + You will need to adjust postgrey's
>   configuration (usually /etc/postfix/main.cf) accordingly.
> Avoid "branding" with Debian, which makes the package more friendly to
> derivative distributions. That also avoids the apparent judgement on
> pevious settings....:-)

> - Greylisting means that you reject email from a server on the first try,
> - using the fact that most spammers do not retry to send their email,
> + Greylisting is a spam filtering method that first rejects email coming
> + from external servers on the first try. It is based on the assumption 
> + most spammers do not retry to send their junk
>   whereas almost all normal mail servers do.
> spammers do not send mails but junk (OK, *that* is non neutral....but
> we all hate spammers, don't we?)

Hmm.  Yes, we do.  OTOH I think I want to keep the neutral tone here.

But s/most/many/, as unfortunately spammers are learning and I've seen 
noises (but no hard data) that greylisting is slowly becoming less 

>   While Postgrey is designed for the use with Postfix, it can also be used
> - with Exim.
> + with Exim or other mail transfer agents.
> I'm not sure that my assumption is correct but isn't there a
> possibility that postgrey also works with other MTA?

I mention Exim specifically as upstream helpfully provides a README.Exim and 
has ages ago accepted a small feature patch that allows easy integration 
with Exim.  I have no idea about other MTAs.

-- vbi

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