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Re: [RFR] templates://adjtimex/{templates}

> Quoting James R. Van Zandt (jrvz@comcast.net):
> > Yes, it always takes exactly 70 seconds.  I see no benefit in being vague.
> Will it always take 70 seconds in the future?
> If that is likely to change over time (maybe because the software does
> additionnal checks or for whichever reason....), then either:
> - one will forget to change the templates text accordingly
> - the text willl be changed and a bunch of translations will need to
>   be adapted.
> S, going back to the exact time mention has to be pondered. Maybe
> something intermediate such as "about one minute" would be
> appropriate?
> After all, the main point is saying users that their system will have
> a very significant delay in booting is enough for the purpose we're
> trying to achieve?

Whenever I upgrade TeX, I get a bunch of messages like "this may take
a while..." that finish with almost no detectable delay.  Computer
speed has pretty much eliminated the need for the messages.  A vague
statement like "about one minute" would imply to me a time delay that
depended on the speed of the computer.  However, in this case, the
time is going to be fixed regardless of upgrades.  (No, I don't forsee
any need to change it.)

But it is *not* a delay at every boot.  It's a delay at installation
or upgrade of the adjtimex package.

           - Jim Van Zandt

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