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Re: [RFR] templates://adjtimex/{templates}

Quoting James R. Van Zandt (jrvz@comcast.net):
> > *always exactly 70 seconds*? Let's be more vague...:-)...but more
> > precise about why we give the option (waste of time).
> Yes, it always takes exactly 70 seconds.  I see no benefit in being vague.

Will it always take 70 seconds in the future?

If that is likely to change over time (maybe because the software does
additionnal checks or for whichever reason....), then either:
- one will forget to change the templates text accordingly
- the text willl be changed and a bunch of translations will need to
  be adapted.

S, going back to the exact time mention has to be pondered. Maybe
something intermediate such as "about one minute" would be

After all, the main point is saying users that their system will have
a very significant delay in booting is enough for the purpose we're
trying to achieve?

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