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Re: Proof reading of a new debconf question

Thanks, François, for taking care to get some review before adding a
debconf question.

Quoting Francois Marier (francois@debian.org):
> (Please CC me on your replies, thanks!)
> Hi,
> I'd like to add this new debconf question to the email-reminder package:
> Template: email-reminder/smtp_ssl
> Type: boolean
> Default: false
> _Description: Connect to the SMTP server using SSL?
>  Encryption can be turned on for SMTP servers which support it.

The weakness here is having the long description be in some way
"dependent" of the short one, to get the full meaning.

I'd propose:

_Description: Connect to the SMTP server using SSL?
 Please choose wheter you want to use SSL connections to
 the SMTP server.
 If you choose this option, data exchanged with the server will
 be encrypted.

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