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Re: Review request for twiki-ldapcontrib's debconf templates

Olivier Berger wrote:
> Sorry, I took a long time in responding to you (and almost forgot to
> send this mail).

Well, it isn't exactly part of the Debian RC Bug Sprint.

> Package: twiki-ldapcontrib
> Description: LDAP services for TWiki
>  .

There's no point having an empty line at the start of a long

> Template: twiki-ldapcontrib/topicfilesnotextracted
>  Alternatively, LdapContrib's topics and attachments files
>  can be manually installed from the tarballs in
>  /usr/share/twiki-ldapcontrib/ (resp. twiki-data and twiki-pub).

There's no such English abbreviation as "resp." (there's a word
"respectively", but it's not used this way).  As usual, the easiest
way to express the idea is with the empty string: 

   can be manually installed from the tarballs in
   /usr/share/twiki-ldapcontrib/ (twiki-data and twiki-pub).

Or you could say

   can be manually installed from the twiki-data and twiki-pub
   tarballs in /usr/share/twiki-ldapcontrib/.

> Template: twiki-ldapcontrib/diversionproblem

This seems okay.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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