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Re: please review new lilo debconf question

Quoting Paul Wise (pabs@debian.org):

> _Description: Do you want to add the large-memory option?
>  By default lilo loads the initrd file into the first 15Mb of memory
>  to avoid a BIOS limitation with older systems (earlier than 2001).

I'd personnally write "By default, LILO loads..."

The comma might be French influence, I'm unsure.

But, definitely, I'd write "lilo" in all caps here.

>  .
>  Unfortunately with newer kernels the combination of kernel and initrd

Here, as well, I'd put a comma after "Unfortunately". I'd also use
"However" instead of "unfortunately, because this is a more neutral wording.

>  may not fit into the first 15Mb of memory and so the system will not
>  boot properly. It seems that the boot issues appear when the
>  kernel+initrd combination is larger than 8MB.
>  .
>  If you have a newer BIOS without the 15Mb limitation, you can add the

I'd try to avoid "you have". In most case, the user does not own the

Maybe "If this machine has a recent BIOS without..."

>  large-memory option to /etc/lilo.conf to tell lilo to use more memory



>  for passing the initrd to the kernel. You will need to re-run lilo
>  to make this option take effect.

Here, s/lilo/LILO is more debatable as one wants to run the "lilo"

I'd propose "You will need to run the 'lilo' command..."

>  .
>  If you have an older BIOS you may need to reduce the size of the initrd
>  *before* rebooting, please see README.Debian for tips on how to do that.

If this machine has an old BIOS, .....

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