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Re: please review new lilo debconf question

Quoting Paul Wise (pabs@debian.org):
> Hi all,
> [Please reply to myself, the bug and the list]
> As part of the bug sprint for cookies, I've been assigned to fix an RC
> bug in lilo (#479607 and clones). Since I don't know assembly, my
> proposed fix will be to add a debconf prompt asking if the person doing
> the upgrade wants to add the large-memory option to their configuration
> file. I will also add a NEWS.Debian file so that other sysadmins may
> receive information about the issue and a README.Debian entry with full
> info about the issue and extra tips for solving it. It would be great if
> debian-l10n-english could review the text for these three parts:

Will you leave time for a translation update round?

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