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Re: Bug#501121: jd: package description inadequate

Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> writes:

>  So, reviewers, could you check below description, please?
> > ***** BEGINNING *****
> > JD is a simple and easy-to-use browser for 2ch-style bulletin board 
> > systems (or Internet forums), which ensures you comfortable 2ch browsing 
> > experience with its various functionalities such as logging in, 
> > message viewing/posting, image viewing, mouse gestures, ignore lists, 
> > "play-by-play" mode, and so on, while significantly reducing server workloads 
> > by bypassing CGI programs and directly retrieving thread data files 
> > to your local hard drives.

The sentence is far too long; package descriptions are usually better
with separate, simpler sentences. I also find some of the terms a
little verbose and unclear. Suggested improvement:

    Description: simple browser for “2ch-style” web forum sites
     JD is a simple browser allowing easy use of “2ch-style” web
     forum sites. Its features include:
      * log in
      * message view/post
      * image view
      * mouse gestures
      * ignore lists
      * “play-by-play” mode
     “2ch-style” web forum sites have their origins in 2channel,
     which is a very popular Internet forum in Japan. Such sites are
     often available only in the Japanese language. The sites
     supported by JD include:
      * 2channel <http://www.2ch.net>
      * Shitaraba <http://rentalbbs.livedoor.com/jbbs/>
      * Machi-BBS <http://www.machi.to/>

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