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Re: Again: "metapackage", "meta package" or "meta-package" (Was: Accepted cdd 0.5.3 (source all))

Quoting Andreas Tille (tillea@rki.de):

> Even if debian-l10n-english might be read by enough native speakers
> to trust them I'm not fully convinced because only a single ("potentially")
> native speaker (I don't know Justin B Rye, but Christian is French and
> you are German) responded.  So I like a unification of the spelling but

Justin is a native speaker of English and, from what I have seen in
more than 1 year of common work on English texts, very clever and
cautious when it comes at spelling, grammar, syntax and overall
knowledge of the English language and its flavours.

I would definitely recommend to stick with his advice.

Additional thoughts: latin prefix are used mostly the same way in most
languages: without hyphens and attached to the following word, except
when this would create diphtongues:

in French:

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