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Re: Please review package description of dctrl2xml

Thanks Justin for reviewing, I've incorporated all your suggestions.

On Monday 17 December 2007 15:31, Justin B Rye wrote:
> (If it would also be useful in Ubuntu, maybe we need a more generic
> word for the Debian-standard control file format.  Or maybe Ubuntu
> users just need to learn where their OS's package-management system
> comes from.)

I guess this package is only interesting for people who are familiar with 
control files and these people probably know that Ubuntu uses the same file 
format as Debian.

The updated description:

Description: Debian control data to XML converter
 This package contains the dctrl2xml tool that converts Debian control
 data into an XML representation. It can be used to convert data which
 is normally found in debian/control, .changes, .dsc, Packages,
 Sources, and similar files to XML.
 For most fields dctrl2xml just uses the field name as element name and
 the field data as element content. For other fields, such as package
 interrelationship fields (Depends, Build-Depends, etc.) or the Files
 field in .changes or Sources files, dctrl2xml additionally parses their
 field data to represent it in a more fine-structured form.

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