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Please review package description of dctrl2xml


Could someone please review the package description of my recently ITP'ed 
dctrl2xml tool:
> Description: convert Debian control data to XML
>  This package contains the dctrl2xml tool that converts Debian control
>  data into an XML representation. It can be used to convert data which
>  is normally found in debian/control, .changes, .dsc, Packages,
>  Sources, and similar files to XML.
>  .
>  For most fields dctrl2xml just uses the field name as element name
>  and the field data as element content. For other fields like package
>  interrelationship fields (Depends, Build-Depends, etc.) or the Files
>  field in .changes or Sources files dctrl2xml additionally parses their
>  field data to represent it in a more fine structured form.

Thanks in advance,
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