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Re: [RFR] templates://auctex/{auctex/templates}

>>>>>  CP == Christian Perrier [2007-11-9]

CP> So, let me ask a very last basic question to both upstream (You,
CP> David) and Debian maintainers (apparently, Davide G. M. Salvetti who
CP> is the official maintainer is either not very responsive....or does
CP> not want to comment):

Hi there,

here's Debian auctex maintainer.  I'm reading the whole discussion,
waiting to see if you get some consensus: then I will thank you for your
work, evaluate your proposal, and maybe ask you something more if I will
find it appropriate.  Unfortunately I don't have time to take part into
such fast moving a discussion, therefore I deem inappropriate for me to
comment until _you_ have a solid proposal.

BTW, I noted along this thread that DK clearly pointed out where an
accurate description of the LaTeX style files for preview-latex (which
comes bundled with latest auctex releases) can be found, and I trust FK
to be able to appropriately comment even more than I would be myself.

Just for the record, the preview-latex-style package description has
been composed by Makoto OHURA, the former preview-latex maintainer,
currently auctex comaintainer, which I believe reads auctex@packages as

Ciao, Davide

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