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Re: [RFR] templates://wacom-tools/{wacom-kernel-source.templates,wacom.po-temp lates}

Christian Perrier wrote:
>> (But what does "suitably configured" actually mean?  Is it talking
>> about an unpacked kernel source tree with an appropriate .config?)
> I think this probably means that "make config" should have been run in
> that kernel tree.

This is a use of the word "configured" that normal users have no
particular reason to be familiar with - nonprogrammers get their
software from apt-get, not make!

But meanwhile: hang on, what package is this "kernel-headers-*"?
Does it mean linux-headers-2.6.*, or does the module-build system
work with kfreebsd too?

So maybe it should be something like

  This requires either a full suitably prepared Linux kernel build
  environment or a linux-headers-* package matching the currently 
  running kernel. Do not choose this option if neither of these is
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