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Re: Bug#428195: krb5: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates review

MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> writes:

> That's not my understanding from England.  Could someone post
> references, please?

It looks like my information is out of date and the UK is shifting towards
the US usage.  See, for example:

    Economist Style Guide, which says to use double quotes for quotations
    regardless, without noting any other practice.

    Claims the old practice of double quotes in the US and single quotes
    in the UK.

    Notes the shift in UK usage.

    Recommends without elaboration double quotes for quotations and single
    quotes for definitions of terms, which is still not the same as US
    usage (which uses double quotes for both).

I also checked my (dead-tree) copy of the Chicago Manual of Style, which

    Quoted words, phrases, and sentences run into text are enclosed in
    double quotation marks.


    The practice in other English-speaking countries is often the reverse:
    single marks are used first, then double, and so on.

There are exceptions listed for linguistic studies and, in technical
writing about horticulture, for citing the horticultural cultivar.  (The
Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition)

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