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Re: Bug#428195: krb5: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates review

> I prefer Kerberos V4 or Kerberos v4 and have no preference between the
> two.  I usually write Kerberos v4 personally, but the info pages use
> Kerberos V4.
> Unless Sam has a differing opinion, let's go with that instead of
> Kerberos4 and Kerberos5 for the descriptions.  I suppose I'll arbitrarily

So, 'Kerberos V4'?

> But I admit that most of this is rationalization for wanting to type the
> way that I was taught to type.  :)  It's difficult for me to enter a
> single space.  I usually have to go back afterwards and take the extra
> spaces out.
> > Please confirm your call about this issue. We need to have this settled
> > *before* the call for translations as changing single spaces to double
> > spaces *will* fuzzy translations and therefore need manual processing.
> Yeah, I realized that after my last message and would of course volunteer
> to do the unfuzzying myself if I created the problem.

No problem at all. The discussion we're currently having is *exactly*
meant for this: have reviewers and maintainers agree on what is the
final version of templates *before* the reviewer launches the
translation update round.

So, our duty is to make a final version from the templates I sent.
That leaves us with a choice to make for:

- single or double quotes (it seems that advices go for single ones,
mostly we kinda arbitrarily decided to go with US style, even if most
reviewers around originate from UK (Justin, James, MJ) or have learned
English the "UK way" (/me...)

-Double spaces after period or single spaces. Here, the call is
entirely in your hands, Russ. As most said, this is indeed not
somethign that hurts eyes anyway and overall consistency will be hard
to achieve so we just give a guideline

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