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Re: Bug#428195: krb5: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates review

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> One other general English issue:  I'm not sure if we should use
>> Kerberos4 and Kerberos5 to refer to the versions of the protocol
>> instead of Kerberos v4 and Kerberos v5, or Kerberos V4 and Kerberos V5.
>> The primary MIT Kerberos documentation uses Kerberos V4 and Kerberos
>> V5.  Google returns 58,000 hits for "Kerberos V4" and 42,000 hits for
>> "Kerberos4", and many of the latter are filenames.  (89,000 hits for
>> "Kerberos 4" with the space.)  This *will* matter for translations.

> Well, we can still change this. Let's settle for 'Kerberos V4'?

> In such cases, however, a lower cap 'v' seems nicer to me: 'Kerberos v4'

> I leave the call to you, Russ and krb5 maintainers.

I prefer Kerberos V4 or Kerberos v4 and have no preference between the
two.  I usually write Kerberos v4 personally, but the info pages use
Kerberos V4.

Unless Sam has a differing opinion, let's go with that instead of
Kerberos4 and Kerberos5 for the descriptions.  I suppose I'll arbitrarily
pick Kerberos V4 instead of v4 for consistency with the info pages unless
anyone wants to argue that the lowercase v is nicer enough to be worth the
minor discrepency.

> Well, I don't exactly agree here. Using or not using double spaces after
> periods is a matter of general style and consistency among packages, so
> this is why we include such changes.

This does make sense, except that even with the work that you're doing, I
don't think we're going to end up standardizing across the entire
project.  There are just too many packages.

If this is a standard that you've agreed on, I'm willing to go along to
have this package not be different, but I'll state a personal preference
for two spaces.  The real typographical convention is to use an em-space
instead of an en-space after periods, which means there's no "correct"
representation in ASCII, but I've never seen anyone claim that a bit of
additional space makes text *less* readable.  It also disambiguates in a
few places, rarely in a way that one couldn't figure out in a moment or
two, but still saving that moment.

But I admit that most of this is rationalization for wanting to type the
way that I was taught to type.  :)  It's difficult for me to enter a
single space.  I usually have to go back afterwards and take the extra
spaces out.

> Please confirm your call about this issue. We need to have this settled
> *before* the call for translations as changing single spaces to double
> spaces *will* fuzzy translations and therefore need manual processing.

Yeah, I realized that after my last message and would of course volunteer
to do the unfuzzying myself if I created the problem.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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