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Re: Bug#428185: ITP: evolution-python -- python bindings for libebook and libecal

Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de> wrote:
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> >>   Description     : python bindings for libebook and libecal
> > 
> > Isn't 'Python' supposed to be spelled with an initial capital? [...]

I think so here.  It's used as a name.

> I think it should be accessing data, not accessing to data. [...]

I think both "allows accessing to data" and "allows accessing data"
are slightly wrong.  It should be of the form "allows FEATURE" and
FEATURE is "access to data" here.  However, this seems moot now.

> On a 
> different note, I'm not sure that the shortened description is as 
> accurate as it can be: I would like to avoid equating accessing data via 
> evolution-data-server to accessing evolution data, as it seems to become 
> gnome's standard way of accessing contacts and calendar-like information 
> (the rdepends of e-d-s seems to have a small parade of gnome apps 
> dealing with such data).

I'm not sure whether it's standard, so I've written "a" not "the".

> Maybe something along the lines of
>    Evolution-python allows python programs to interface the Evolution
>    Data Server. Evolution Data Server is the GNOME backend for storing
>    address book, calendar and todo list information.

Evolution-python allows programs using Python to interface with the
Evolution Data Server, which is a GNOME store of address book,
calendar and task list information.

- Dictionaries seem inconsistent about to-do, so I replaced it.
- Not sure about "python programs" and "programs in Python" seems too
narrow.  If it's like guile, then programs which use Python but aren't
entirely written in Python can still access it.
- I hate "backend" and it was ridiculed on the BBC last week.

> P.S.: I'm not subscribed to debian-l10n-english, so I would appreciate 
> CCs for list replies.


Hope that helps,
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