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Re: Bug#428185: ITP: evolution-python -- python bindings for libebook and libecal

Hi Christian,

thanks for improving the description.

Christian Perrier wrote:
  Description     : python bindings for libebook and libecal

Isn't 'Python' supposed to be spelled with an initial capital?

   Evolution-python allows access to the evolution-data-server via
   python. Supported are access to the address book, calendar,
   and todo list.

 Evolution-python allows accessing to the Evolution data such as
 address book, calendar and todo list from Python programs.

My suggestion, indeed....I'm not entirely sure, hence CC'ing dle.

I think it should be accessing data, not accessing to data. On a different note, I'm not sure that the shortened description is as accurate as it can be: I would like to avoid equating accessing data via evolution-data-server to accessing evolution data, as it seems to become gnome's standard way of accessing contacts and calendar-like information (the rdepends of e-d-s seems to have a small parade of gnome apps dealing with such data).

Maybe something along the lines of

  Evolution-python allows python programs to interface the Evolution
  Data Server. Evolution Data Server is the GNOME backend for storing
  address book, calendar and todo list information.

Would avoid the double "access". Its hard to come up with something
that doesn't cram too much information into one sentence without
repeating something (either EDS or the type of data stored).

What do you think?

Kind regards


P.S.: I'm not subscribed to debian-l10n-english, so I would appreciate CCs for list replies.
Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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