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Re: [RFR] templates://ion3/{ion3.templates}

On (03/06/07 10:08), Christian Perrier wrote:
> Please find, for review, the debconf templates of ion3.
> Description: keyboard-friendly window manager with tiled windows
>  Ion, based on PWM, is an unusual window manager with no overlapping
>  windows. Windows are placed in tabbed frames which may be arbitrarily
>  split to create additional frames, making keyboard navigation much
>  easier. Flexible configuration is possible thanks to Lua, which is
>  used as the configuration language.
>  .

Should the other two packages contain this paragraph as well? Some
packages do this, some do not. I think an informative paragraph on each
package can be useful.

> Package: ion3-dev
> Section: non-free/devel
> Priority: extra
> Architecture: all
> Depends: libx11-dev, libsm-dev, lua5.1, gcc (>> 3)
> Description: ion3 development files
>  This package contains the files necessary for building extension
>  modules to the Ion window manager.
> Package: ion3-doc
> Section: non-free/doc
> Architecture: all
> Recommends: lynx | www-browser
> Suggests: doc-base, dwww | doc-central | dhelp
> Description: ion3 documentation
>  This package contains the document 'Configuring and extending Ion3
>  with Lua' which explains how to configure and extend the Ion window
>  manager.



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