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Re: [RFR] templates://boxbackup/{boxbackup-client.templates,boxbackup-server.templates}

> >  Template: boxbackup-client/backupMode
> >  Type: select
> > -Choices: lazy, snapshot
> > -_Description: Run boxbackup client in lazy or snapshot mode:
> > - Boxbackup client supports two modes of backup:
> > +__Choices: lazy, snapshot
> >
> > Choices can be translated
> The boxbackup documentation and the software itself is not
> translated. These two words are configuration option in the config file,
> and I would find translating them in debconf confusing, because a user
> of the boxbackup package would have to "reverse translate" them to
> understand what this debconf question is all about. I therefore ask this
> option to be not translated.

There could be solutions to this, like having translators give the
original name in the long description....but, well, there would be no
guarantee that they would do so. And, indeed, that will save me the
hard work of finding a good French translation of "lazy" without using
trivial language..:-)

So, I'll drop the translatable choices.

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