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[RFR3] templates://gnome-applets/{gnome-applets.templates}

Justin suggested a few interesting changes.

Template: gnome-applets/cpufreq_SUID_bit
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Should cpufreq-selector run with root privileges?
 The 'cpufreq-selector' program, part of the CPU Frequency
 Scaling Monitor can be setup to use superuser privileges when
 it is run ('SUID root').
 If you choose this option, any ordinary user will have the power to
 set the processor's clock frequency. However, this may also be
 potentially exploitable in security attacks.
 The applet will continue to work if you choose to disable SUID for
 cpufreq-selector, but only for monitoring the CPU clock frequency. The
 applet may need to be restarted for a change to take effect.
 If in doubt, accept the default of no SUID root. To change this
 setting later, run 'dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets'.

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