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Re: [RFR] templates://gnome-applets/{gnome-applets.templates}

> I like the idea, but not the details.
>    can be set up to use superuser privileges when it is run ('SUID root').
> Sorry if this seems to be turning into a campaign against latinate
> vocabulary items!

This is Thy Duty. You guys are here exactly for that purpose:
unlatinate me.:)

>    If you choose this option, any ordinary user will have the power to set the
>    processor's clock frequency. However, this may also be potentially
>    exploitable in security attacks.
> >  If
> >  in doubt, you should not choose this option.
> Make it obvious that laziness is safe:
>    If in doubt, accept the default of 'no'.

<yell>NO</yell>. Thou Shalt not make reference to interface widgets in
debconf translations. "No" is one. Not all debconf interfaces present
users with a Yes/No choice.

So, the "choose this option/do not choose this option" wording seems
to be the most neutral with regard of the various ways to handle
boolean templates/

> No need to say please when you're giving advice:
>    To change this setting later, run 'dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets'.

Ah, la politesse...:-)

OK, removed.

> * * *
> Now the control file:

I just adopted all changes suggestions..:)

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