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Re: [RFR] templates://lsb/{templates}

> All of the proposed changes appear to be fine; unless there are any
> objections, I'll apply these in the next release of lsb.

The review process is not completed, Chris.

The final versions of the templates will be sent to you as a bug
report a in few days (about May 8th).

This BR will suggest you still wait....because I will then run the
translation update round. At the very end of this (long) process you
will get a final summary with the rewritten templates again (it
sometimes happens that translators spot minor errors) AND new/updated
translations (which will have been sent to the BTS in the meantime).

All this is targeted at being a help to maintainers so that they don't
waste to much time tracking all this. The price to pay is a quite long
delay between the announcement you got...and the final completion of
the process.

So, I suggest you wait for the end of the process to apply the
suggested changes. Applying immediately will not really be a big
problem, though.... --> your call.

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