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New 0.3 version of the debconf review toolkit

I have built a new version of the Debconf review toolkit, which is the
set of scripts I use on my own system to manage the process of debconf
reviews and subsequent translation updates.

It is available in http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/smith/

Changes (not Frenglish-proof):

	Bug Fixes:
	* rewrite-call: use ${status_dir} for templates files
	* rewrite-makepatch: silent failure of "rm" when there are no
	  existing patch and backup files
	New features:
	* Handle threading:
	  - the scripts that send mails to the mailing list
	    generate the Message-Id instead of letting mutt do this
	  - this Message-Id is stored in the status file
	  - They use the former step status file Message-Id to
	    include a In-Reply-To field
	  - this needs important changes to templates which now
	    have to include the message headers
	* rewrite-bts: set usertags to the bug
	* rewrite-bug: add a comment at the top of templates files
	  aimed at explaining that the templates have been reviewed
	* rewrite-call: now use the call for updates/call for new translations
	  templates. Requires po-debconf 1.0.9
	* rewrite-call: automatically add a new changelog entry with the 
	  rewrite bug closure line as well as an entry for debconf 
	  translation updates
	* rewrite-taf: send a notice to debian-i18n to mention the planned
	  review and avoid translation work in the meantime
	* rewrite-makepatch: create a patch-nopo file with all changes
	  but changes to PO files
	* New settings in rewrite.conf:
	  - usertag_user: user used for usertags
	  - usertag: usertag to set on reported bugs
	  - warning: name of the file containing the warning to add at
	    the top of templates files
	  - templ_tafi18n: name of the file containing the template for
	    the notice sent to debian-i18n for a TAF
	  - i18nlist_addr: address of the i18n mailing list
	  - from: string to use as From: in sent mails
	  - bug_closure: text to add to debian/changelog after the bug
	    has been reported
	* New templates file
	  - warning.txt: warning added at the top of templates files
	  - tafi18n.txt: template for the notice sent to debian-i18n for a TAF

	* Numerous improvement to the README file

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