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Re: Bug#419828: dtc-xen: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates review

On (18/04/07 19:08), Christian Perrier wrote:
> Proposal:
> Template: dtc-xen/conf_vps_mountpoint
> Type: string
> Default: /var/lib/dtc-xen/mnt
> _Description: VPS mountpoint:
>  In order to setup the managed Virtual Private Server (VPS),
>  dtc-xen will mount the LVM or file loopback partition on the dom0 of
>  the Xen server.
>  .
>  Please enter the mount point path.

Please enter the path to the mount point?

>  .
>  This information will also be used to automatically set the
>  /etc/fstab mount points, allowing to maintain and mount the VPS
>  faster.

I'm not sure about "allowing to maintain". "allowing you to maintain" is
better, but personal. "allowing faster mounting and maintenance of the
VPS" would be my preferred wording.



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