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Re: [RFR] templates://rott/{templates}

On (16/04/07 19:42), Christian Perrier wrote:
> Please find, for review, the debconf templates of rott.

> Template: rott/shareware
> Type: boolean
> Default: true
> _Description: Download shareware data files?
>  The Rise of the Triad game requires additional data files which are
>  not available under a free license and cannot be distributed by
>  Debian. You may choose to automatically download the shareware data
>  files from the Internet and install them into your system now.

"install them into"? Into sounds wrong to me, I would choose "onto", but
perhaps "on" or "on to" would be better. Any suggestions?

The more we go through this the more I realise how little I know my own
language, for instance I'm not sure that onto is correct.



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