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Re: [LCFC] templates://dtc/dtc.templates


Thomas, here are some questions regarding the dtc templates.

> Template: dtc/conf_admpass
> Type: password
> _Description: Main domain admin password:
>  Please choose the main domain administrator's password. Access
>  to the control panel must be managed manually through a .htpasswd
>  file in the root path.

I don't understand "manually" here. Isn't this debconf template used to
avoid a "manual" configuration. Am I supposed to manually create this
.htpasswd file after the configuration?

> Template: dtc/conf_use_cyrus
> Type: boolean
> Default: false
> _Description: Use Cyrus mail system?
>  Please choose this option if you are using Cyrus for mail
>  delivery, IMAP and MTA. This option is only compatible with Postfix.

Another proposal:

Please choose this option if you are using the Cyrus IMAP server, and if
your MTA is Postfix.

> Template: dtc/conf_cert_challenge_pass
> Type: password
> _Description: DTC SSL certificate challenge password:

It is not the certificate's password, but the certificate request
challenge password.

Thomas: is this certificate request visible by the user, or is it only
used internally to generate the self signed certificate?
In the latter case, can't you drop this question, and generate a random
Otherwise, do you think it should be rephrased "Challenge password for the
DTC SSL certificate request;"?

Kind Regards,

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