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[RFR3] templates://dtc/dtc.templates

Sorry, a few changes were pending and not saved yet in the file I
sent. Please use this one.

Template: dtc/conf_mysqlhost
Type: string
Default: localhost
_Description: MySQL hostname:
 Please enter the hostname or IP address of the MySQL server.

Template: dtc/conf_mysqllogin
Type: string
Default: root
_Description: MySQL administrator:
 Please enter the login name of a MySQL user with administrative
 privileges. DTC will use it to to grant privileges for the tables to
 its users.

Template: dtc/conf_mysqlpass
Type: password
_Description: MySQL administrator password:
 Please enter the password of the MySQL administrator.

Template: dtc/conf_mysqldb
Type: string
Default: dtc
_Description: DTC database name:
 All DTC hosting information is stored in a database.

Template: dtc/conf_mysql_change_root
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Change MySQL root password?
 By default, the mysql-server package does not enforce a password for
 the MySQL root user. This can be changed during the configuration of
 the DTC package.

Template: dtc/main_domainname
Type: string
Default: example.com
_Description: Domain name:
 Please enter the first domain which you want DTC to
 administrate. This domain name will be used to install the root
 admin and customer web control panel of DTC (under one of this domain's

Template: dtc/dtc_adminsubdomain
Type: string
Default: dtc
_Description: DTC root panel subdomain:
 Please enter the subdomain to be used by the DTC control panel.

Template: dtc/conf_ipaddr
Type: string
_Description: Primary IP address:
 Please enter this host's primary IP address. This IP will be used for
 the domain name you just provided, and will be used as the default for
 most DTC variables.  If you are using NAT, please enter your external
 IP address.

Template: dtc/conf_hostingpath
Type: string
Default: /var/www/sites
_Description: Path for hosted domains:
 Please enter the directory to be used by DTC to store files for
 all hosted domains.
 The default Apache installation defines /var/www as document
 root. This should be removed from the httpd.conf file manually when
 another directory is chosen as DTC's hosting area.

Template: dtc/conf_chroot_path
Type: string
Default: /var/lib/dtc/chroot_template
_Description: Path for the chroot environment:
 Please enter the directory to be used by DTC to build the cgi-bin chroot
 environment template.

Template: dtc/conf_admlogin
Type: string
Default: dtc
_Description: Main domain admin name:
 Each DTC domain must have an administrator. Please enter the login
 name of the administator for the domain name holding the control
 panel installation.

Template: dtc/conf_admpass
Type: password
_Description: Main domain admin password:
 Please choose the main domain administrator's password. Access
 to the control panel must be managed manually through a .htpasswd
 file in the root path.

Template: dtc/conf_mta_type
Type: select
Choices: postfix, qmail
_Description: Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) type:
 Please select the MTA that will be used with DTC. It
 should be already installed on the system. If no such MTA is actually
 installed, please complete the setup of DTC, install a MTA
 package, then run "dpkg-reconfigure dtc".

Template: dtc/conf_use_cyrus
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Use Cyrus mail system?
 Please choose this option if you are using Cyrus for mail
 delivery, imap and MTA. This option is only compatible with Postfix.

Template: dtc/conf_apache_version
Type: select
Choices: 2, 1
_Description: Apache version to configure:
 DTC supports both Apache and Apache2. Please enter which version
 should be used by DTC.

Template: dtc/conf_use_nated_vhosts
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Use "NATed" vhosts?
 DTC can configure Apache to use one of your IP addresses. If the
 server is firewalled with NAT and port redirections of public IP(s)
 address(es), a "NATed" vhost configuration can be generated.
 Do not choose this option if the server is directly connected to the
 Internet, except when using dynamic IP addresses. In such case, NAT
 and port forwarding are mandatory for DTC.

Template: dtc/conf_nated_vhosts_ip
Type: string
_Description: NATed LAN IP address:
 Please enter the IP address of the server for DTC to
 generate all vhosts that will be used by Apache.

Template: dtc/conf_gen_ssl_cert
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Generate an SSL certificate for DTC?
 If you choose this option, DTC will generate a self signed SSL
 certificate and will use SSL to browse the panel. SSL will also be
 activated and the generated Apache configuration will activate HTTPS
 URLs for the control panel.
 This certificate can later be changed for a root CA certificate.
 Previously generated certificates will never be overwritten. To
 regenerate the certificate, you need to remove all the files in

Template: dtc/conf_cert_passphrase
Type: password
_Description: DTC certificate passphrase:
 Please choose a passphrase to protect the generated SSL certificate.

Template: dtc/conf_cert_countrycode
Type: string
Default: FR
_Description: Country code for the DTC SSL certificate:
 Please enter the 2-letter country code for the generated
 certificate. This should usually be the code for the country the
 server is located in.

Template: dtc/conf_cert_locality
Type: string
Default: Paris
_Description: City name for the DTC SSL certificate:

Template: dtc/conf_cert_organization
Type: string
Default: GPLHost
_Description: Organization name for the DTC SSL certificate:

Template: dtc/conf_cert_unit
Type: string
Default: no-unit
_Description: Organization unit for the DTC SSL:

Template: dtc/conf_cert_email
Type: string
_Description: Email address for the DTC SSL certificate:

Template: dtc/conf_cert_challenge_pass
Type: password
_Description: DTC SSL certificate challenge password:

Template: dtc/conf_upgrade_pear
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Update PEAR installation?
 DTC can check the PEAR installation during its own installation
 process. This requires your server to be connected to the network. If
 you can't do so here, please check whether the Crypt_CBC and
 Auth_SASL PEAR modules are up-to-date. The relevant files are located in

Template: dtc/conf_dnsbl_list
Type: string
Default: sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org,list.dsbl.org,relays.ordb.org
_Description: DNSBL (DNS BlackList) list:
 Please enter the list of preferred DNSBL servers to add to your Postfix
 mail server configuration.

Template: dtc/conf_eth2monitor
Type: string
_Description: Network devices to monitor:
 Please enter all the network devices you wish to be monitored by the
 RRDTool graphing utility.

Template: dtc/conf_report_setup_stat
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Allow to report anonymous statistics to GPLHost?
 DTC installations can be reported to the GPLHost web site. The only
 collected data are the operating system name (Debian) and the IP
 address (used as a unique identifier only). An Internet connection
 and the wget binary are mandatory to report the statistics.

Template: dtc/conf_omit_dev_mknod
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Skip mknod calls when building the chroot template?
 In some environments, such as Linux vServer, mknod cannot be
 executed. This option allows skipping the creation of the null,
 random and urandom devices during the chroot template creation.

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