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Re: Bug#356375: Please include a better description

Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> [cc'd to -english for wording help; including description w/o trimming
> for their benefit]
> Fullquottel performs several tests to determine if a message is
> written in the top-post ("TOFU") style: The full response above and a
> full quote of the original message below.

Personally "style - the". Either way, I don't believe the initial letter of
"the" should be capitalised.

> Each test is customizable and yeilds a score. Fullquottel sums the
> scores and returns that sum in several forms useful for sorting email.


My suggestion would be something more along the lines of:

Each test is customizable and has an associated score. Fullquottel returns
the total score for the message in several forms which are useful for
sorting e-mail.



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