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Re: Bug#356375: Please include a better description

gregor herrmann wrote:

[cc'd to -english for wording help; including description w/o trimming
for their benefit]

> I changed the descriptions to:
> Description: Tool for recognizing mails/postings in "TOFU" (top-posting) style
>  TOFU is an acronym for "Text oben, Fullquote unten" (German) or
>  "text over, fullquote under" (English), also known as top-posting or
>  jeopardy-style quoting; i.e. writing one's own text above the fully
>  quoted original message in replies to mails or newsgroup posts.
>  .
>  fullquottel performs several tests to decide whether the mail is a "TOFU"
>  mail or not. Each test produces a score. The final sum of the individual 
>  test scores is compared to a threshold. If it is above it, the mail is  
>  classified as TOFU mail ('Fullquottel' is returned). Further more, the 
>  score itself is returned as a number and as a row where each score point
>  produces one *. Each test can be customized via a config file or on the 
>  command line.
>  .
>   Homepage: http://www.toastfreeware.priv.at/
> Is this clear enough in your opinion?

You're still continuing the short description in the long description.
Or at least it reads that way.

First, I'd suggest striking the term "TOFU" from the short description;
top-post is perfectly clear. Along with some re-wording, that'd leave
something like this:

	Recognizes top-posted email and usenet replies

Now, for the long description:

Fullquottel performs several tests to determine if a message is written
in the top-post ("TOFU") style: The full response above and a full quote
of the original message below.
Each test is customizable and yeilds a score. Fullquottel sums the
scores and returns that sum in several forms useful for sorting email.
 Homepage: http://www.toastfreeware.priv.at/

Now, I've cut a good deal of etymology from that long description, but I
honestly don't think it belongs there. Also, I'm not completely
satisfied with that wording, so hopefully -l10n-english can be of aid.

>>So, what exactly is tofu mail? I've never heard of it, and Google (with
>>all of 271 results, the first one being your ITP) seems not have have
>>heard either.
> My Google presents http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top-posting as the 7th link ;-)

Apparently, my putting "tofu mail" in quotes when searching Google is
why I didn't get any results... but I guess that means no one uses the
term like that

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