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Re: Please check these templates once again

On Thursday, Oct 9, 2003, at 18:39 US/Eastern, Nicolas Boullis wrote:

No, not everybody agrees, but everyone who disagrees with me is wrong.

Hence I guess Anthony DeRobertis qualifies as being wrong... ;-)

That settles it. He's definitely "Brandon" now. My spell-checker even thinks he's spelled right, as an added benefit.

One may try to have this ruled through a general resolution,
but that would be somewhat overkill... ;-)

Best bet would probably be to have the debconf maintainer come up with a standard for representing "end of sentence" and have the front-ends display it as best they can.

I could be wrong, but it's worth checking.  As I understand it,
everything in /usr but not in /usr/local is pretty much "OS packages
only" land, according to the FHS.

I found no reference to such a rule; only "Any information that is
host-specific or varies with time is stored elsewhere." but that's not
really relevant...

See FHS 4.9.1.

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