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Re: Please check these templates once again

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 07:36:49PM +0200, Nicolas Boullis wrote:
> > Two spaces between sentences.
> Is it something that everybody agrees with? I thought I read some 
> flamewars about that point, and I'd rather not change it each time I 
> ask for a review... ;-)

No, not everybody agrees, but everyone who disagrees with me is wrong.

Character-cell terminals use monospaced fonts, and therefore the
two-space rule applies.  The vast majority of debconf users do so via a
frontend running on a character-cell terminal[1].  A graphical debconf
frontend that wants to use proportionally spaced fonts can either just
choke down the extra space, or apply an algorithm to collapse multiple
whitespace characters (if it does, it should remember that anything
indented more than one space should not be re-formatted).

> > I thought Policy said we shouldn't put non-packaged stuff in /usr/lib?
> Gosh, that's something I really should check ASAP, even if I can't 
> remember reading such a rule...

I could be wrong, but it's worth checking.  As I understand it,
everything in /usr but not in /usr/local is pretty much "OS packages
only" land, according to the FHS.

> > The text wrapping in this paragraph isn't consistent with the others.
> That's rather odd, it looks like emacs does not want to wrap after the 
> full stop (Is it the correct name for "."?), probably to preserve double 
> spaces...

"Full stop" is one of a few correct names for the glyph, yes.

Vim seems to be intelligent enough to wrap properly, in my experience.
So is the "fmt" command.

[1] Okay, technically, something that emulates one.

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