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Please proofread my descriptions


As I'm not a native english speaker, I'd like someone more qualified 
than I am to reviex my descriptions. If this might be needed, please 
feel free to even rewrite (partially or completely) these descriptions.

Thanks in advance,


PS: Please CC replies to me as I'm not subscribed to this list. (Anyway, 
mutt should have set the Mail-FollowUp-To header properly...)
Package: loadwatch
Description: Run a program using only idle cycles
 loadwatch forks a child process and only allows it to run when the system
 load meets user defined parameters. loadwatch allows you to specify that a
 program should run only if the load is below a set point, and will stop it
 when that point is reached. When the load falls below a second set point,
 the program will be continued. The period of sampling the system load can
 also be specified by the user.

Package: mah-jong
Description: The original Mah-Jong game
 This is a set of programs to play the original Mah-Jong game: one
 server, one client for a human player and one client for a programmed
 player. Hence the game can be played by 1 to 4 human players.
 You should keep in mind that the original Mah-Jong game has nothing to
 do with the well-known solitaire game. (It only uses the same set of
 If you like the game, please consider making a donation to the
 (upstream) author. Read /usr/share/doc/mah-jong/README.Debian for

Package: vcdimager
Description: A VideoCD (VCD) image mastering and ripping tool
 This package contains a collection of tools to master (Super)VideoCD,
 either directly from compliant MPEG streams with no PlayBack Control
 (PBC), or out of an XML description for a full-featured (S)VCD.
 This package also contains a VideoCD ripping tool to rip mpeg streams
 from VideoCD images, and some debugging tools.

Package: wmtv
Description: Dockable video4linux TV player for WindowMaker
 A miniature size dockable TV appllication. It currently supports
 channel presets, PAL/SECAM/NTSC, fine tuning, scanning of TV stations,
 use of external TV application, and more.

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